Jewellery Repairs & Servicing

Our Jewellery Repair Services

At Fidda & Katina, we are delighted to provide our extensive jewellery repair services in Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for custom engagement and wedding rings or your jewellery requires ring resizing, re-tipping, or new claws, or the replacement of diamonds and gems, or even re-fitting a new clasp, polishing, or plating, we are here to assist you.

Jewellery Repair

You can trust our expertise to restore your jewellery to its original condition. We repair earrings, bangles, bracelets, bangles, and necklaces with care and precision.

Ring Resizing
Need repairs or servicing for your ring? We offer a range of services, including resizing, re-tipping, new claws and more. Get your ring back to looking its best.
Stone Replacement
Enhance the beauty of your jewellery with our professional stone replacement and gemstone setting services. Our high-quality replacement diamond or gemstones are ethically sourced and quality assured. Make your jewellery shine with our stone setting services.
Jewellery Cleaning

Bring back the sparkle to your jewellery with our professional cleaning and servicing, and get a free condition assessment at the same time. With expert repairs and servicing, you can ensure that your jewellery is well protected and remains in pristine condition.

Rhodium Plating
We specialise in rhodium plating, gold plating, and polishing jewellery. Our services also include refinishing with a polished, brushed, and matte finish to help keep your jewellery looking beautiful.
Common Questions

We offer a variety of jewellery repair services, including ring resizing, soldering, stone setting and replacement, chain repair, prong repair, polishing, plating and cleaning, as well as watch battery replacement.

Rings made from gold, silver, platinum, and other metals can usually be resized. However, rings made from certain materials such as tungsten, titanium, or ceramic cannot be resized.

Investing in a lab grown diamond is a cost effective alternative to a natural diamond. Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and visual qualities as natural diamonds; however, they have a much lower price tag.


Before cleaning a piece of jewellery, it is important to assess its condition. This should include checking for loose stones and broken clasps, noting the type of metal, and looking for any signs of damage or discolouration. Additionally, inspect any surface areas to make sure they are free of dirt and debris.


No, rhodium plating is not suitable for all types of jewellery. It is most commonly used on platinum, palladium, white gold, and silver and can be used to protect the underlying metal from wear and tear and to give the jewellery a brighter, more reflective finish. Gemstones that are softer in nature, such as opals, pearls, coral, and turquoise, require extra caution when undergoing the rhodium plating process. On the other hand, sturdier stones, such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, are able to withstand the rhodium plating without any additional precautions.

Transform your jewellery into a timeless piece.