Beyond F&K Love

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Discover the Beyond F&K Love bangle, a symbol of boundless affection and style. Handcrafted with care, this solid bangle exudes elegance and charm. With its attached pendant, it creates a captivating and unique look. Available in 18ct gold and sterling silver, it adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, making it a perfect accessory for expressing love and celebrating special moments.


Introducing Beyond F&K Love, a stunning handcrafted bangle that transcends elegance. This solid half-round bangle is intricately linked to two additional bangles, creating a captivating layered effect. Available in 18ct yellow, rose, and white gold, as well as sterling silver, it offers a range of luxurious options. With a width of 2.5mm and a diameter of 66mm, it provides a comfortable fit. Adorned with the Beyond F&K Love pendant, this bangle symbolises a connection that goes beyond words. Embrace the beauty and sentiment of this exceptional piece, perfect for expressing love and celebrating special moments.

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